How Should My Vest Fit?

How should a load bearing vest fit!

Your number one priority is comfort with function!
Vest should ideally allow a gap so the vest doesn't overlap your belt or waist so as not to be uncomfortable, and to allow for sitting comfort when in a car or sitting in an office etc . The waist ideally should not overhang your belt line when sitting. As a gauge if the bottom of your vest sits around your belly button height when standing that should allow you to sit comfortably. Remember the vest is not a tailor made waistcoat so there generally is an allowance of a plus/minus the vest should not be too tight, but also not too loose so its important that you can adjust the waist or shoulders to best fit your frame.

We suggest always having some allowance in your vest so that you can fit it over jackets or jumpers should you need to wear one in the colder months (depending on your location)

Remember the vest is not a ballistic vest which has to conform to the officers measurements exactly due to the nature of its intended use. A general load bearing vest can have some slack as long as it is not obviously way too loose. Our vest are not tailor made, they are made with an allowance range generally between small to large or medium to 4 or 5XL so no one vest will fit everyone like they are wearing a tailor made suit, so remember this when purchasing. Overall if you choose the correct size range from Load bearing vest Australia you will have no issues with the look, comfort and function of our load bearing vest.

Why wear a Load bearing vest?

Load-bearing vests are worn over the the top of the uniform shirt and allow officers to move most of there duty gear to the load bearing vest vest and off of officer's hips and lower back region. Also as they are worn over the top of the uniform shirt they generally do not trap heat, load bearing vests also increase officer comfort, this is just one of the many reasons departments should be looking at issuing there officers with the load bearing vest.
Studies have conclusively shown that wearing a load bearing vest significantly decreases stress and injury to the back due to an even distribution of equipment and removal of torsion on the hip region. the other benefit is that it also decreases the level of sick days off due to back injuries which have been widely attributed to the weight on an officers hip region while wearing a duty belt full of equipment. Our vest not only look great but also provide a benefit to anyone wearing one.

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