Load Bearing Vest Research

In just the space of what is literally a few years, General Duty policing  around the World have experienced a major shift towards the acquisition of new technologies that have changed the face of general duty policing forever. These new technologies and equipment essentially provide a greater range of options to police officers.

Now as other agencies emerge we are seeing a transition to the use of load bearing vest being supplied to there officers and staff.


Significant research has confirmed that there is a marked increase of injury claims relating to the lower back to such a degree that in New South Wales Police force alone alone $1 million dollars is attributed to workers compensation claims alone from the use of traditional duty belts.

Our Load Bearing Vests are a practical, and professional solution for carrying your duty equipment. 

Our load bearing vests feature numerous pockets & pouches which are well designed to enable you to carry items such as hand held 2 way radios, notebooks, handcuffs, body cameras and first aid kits. The vest allows you to spread the load of your duty gear, which enables the weight to be carried through the upper torso region which means no more sore back and hips from wearing a fully loaded duty belt.

Our Load bearing vests also provide a professional appearance and also feature a clear window pocket for identification badges to be attached. 

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