Let us Explain the Benefits of a Load Bearing Vest!

Article is copyright -John Deighton 

The even weight distribution of a Load Bearing Vest helps to minimise strain and discomfort on the wearers waist and lower back area, which is often caused from equipment weight on the officers duty belt. A Load bearing vest also enables quick and easy access to an officer’s duty equipment, also allowing the ability to add more or take off duty equipment when required, it also allows for a more sturdier duty equipment carriage platform. Additional gear can be easily added to the officers vest and storage of more bulky items such as a small iPad or tablets are also able to be facilitated due to the zippered pockets in the front of the vest..

Those officers getting in and out of a vehicle know the issues with gear on the duty belt getting caught up on seat belts or digging in whilst driving which can also cause pinch points which can exacerbate pain in the lower back area. 

Are you struggling to fit gear to your duty belt? do you need more pockets and a better weight distribution? do you want to end your shift without lower back pain attributed to your duty belt? if you answered yes to any of these questions then maybe its time you looked seriously at our load bearing vest.!

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